Do Hong Kong people showed a high concern towards national events and high recognition on their national identity

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I agree with this view to a large extend. I believe that participating on the nation's major events such as economic, social, political events will enhance Hong Kong people's national identity as a Chinese people.

Firstly, the magnitude 8 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan of Sichuan in May2008, we can see that many Hong Kong citizens participated actively in the relief works. Hong Kong people showed their recognition towards their identity of Chinese after the earthquake incident. They donate money, took part in volunteering and in remembrance events to express their sorrow, concern about the incident and sympathy for relatives of the victims. This united Hong Kong people and enhanced their sense of identity.

Secondly, many citizens, including the Post-80's youths, participated in the June Forth Candlelight Vigil in Victoria Park in 2012. The June Forth incident was happened more than 20 years ago, but still many citizens, students went for the protest, this shows that many Hong Kong people concern a lot about this issue.

They joined the candlelight vigil to express their anger towards the violence and sadness towards the victims. They also showed how important is the freedom of speech and how should we use violence in a correct way. Hong Kong people showed that they opposed the incorrect use of violence of the Chinese government. This enhanced their national identity due to opposing the Chinese government.

Lastly, national political events also affected the image of central government and the sense of national identity among Hong Kong people, such as the dispute about the sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands on August 2012. People held China's national flag, we can see that Hong Kong people have the same view with the central government and are opposing the Japanese. The participation enhanced the national identity among Hong...