Does education after basic literacy really matter in terms of our jobs?

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Whether it should or shouldn't matter, it definitely does. There are cases where a person doesn't have a degree and can go very far and there are people who don't have one and

start off thinking they can go far but the truth is in our society, it matters. Employers value it as a means of knowing you are dependable and can commit to a job. You

certainly do get paid more because a company will right off the bat expect more from you, whether it is something you will or will not provide them with. I agree with Jayne,

that a bachelors degree is a great thing to have as a foundation but today, it is a little harder to get into some fields or reach a certain position without a Masters degree or the equivalent.

It is all about the knowledge, you can mess around all you want and try to get by, by having a degree and not the knowledge but eventually it is going to catch up with you.

If you do have the knowledge from the time you put into it your degree, it should shine through and this is what employers are really looking for. A lot of businesses sometimes will not utilize you to your fullest capacity, which is why some people with a bachelors degree are expecting more from their job after completing college. I meet many people with a degree and they don't have the job you might typically expect them to pursue but often I find that it is because they don't see them self as being happy doing it. I started working in an office when I was 16 and quickly became an assistant underwriter, which I still am today (6 years later). I have worked with someone who...