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Assignment was to discuss why I chose to go back to school and try to attain a masters degree.

tion my career was going, I would need to take it to the next step and work towards earning another degree.My employer was very receptive of self-advancement and encouraged me to start taking classes ... my education. I had always been a good student and even graduated two years early with my bachelors degree but, I felt like I needed to do more.Every night I would go home after a long days work and w ...

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Education in Great Britain.

nstitution4. the university, which normally comprises a college for undergraduate studentsseeking a Bachelor's Degree and one or more graduate schools orprofessional schools for those seeking Master's ...

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"Education." An essay on the importance of becoming a High School Graduate - gives the paycheck of an average High School Drop-Out and Degrees in college beyond High School.

ropout. That is quite a bit more per year. They could actually go on vacation.The average Bachelors degree earner makes on average, in their lifetime, a total of $1,421,000. Let's say this person ende ... ly earnings $5950 per month. If they were married to someone else who had, for example, a bachelors degree, that would mean they would make a total of $8912.42 per month, that's $106,949.04 per year.A ...

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Personal goals and accomplishments.

teacher and a better computer and network specialist through the University of Phoenix.Obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology will help me to become more marketable. There are plenty ...

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Marine Biologist By Jelly5374

4 years is the minimum, but 8- 10 years is acceptable. A marine biologist also needs a degree. The bachelor's degree is the best, but a Ph.D. or masters is acceptable.Work conditions are also very im ...

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Graphic Designers of the Future

some that make it to a career in graphic design just by talent alone, many of us need some sort of degree to land a job as a graphic designer. Employers won't even bother interviewing you if you don' ... erience" is necessary. One of the good things about this industry is that you only need a Bachelors degree, which takes about 4 years to acquire. From that point, getting hired at companies should be ...

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Computer Programming as a career

therefore there is a bigger demand for programmers there. To become a computer programmer, a bachelor's degree is usually required. Sometimes a 2 year or associates degree and certificate are a ...

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Personal Goals

y.EducationMy educational goals are long term yet attainable. My aggressive approach to obtaining a bachelor's degree will be a feeling of personal fulfillment. I wish to achieve a bachelor degree in ... tudent and it will open the doors to many career opportunities. I realize that the completion of my bachelor's degree will deliver new opportunities, but my work isn't over until I complete a master's ...

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Civil Engineering Overview and Why it is right for Me.. with citations

or it, they will exceed the standard working week hours.For most starting civil engineering jobs, a bachelor's degree in engineering is required. Along with college graduates with a bachelor's in engi ... s required. Along with college graduates with a bachelor's in engineering, college graduates with a bachelor's degree in mathematics and physics are sometimes eligble for a few engineering jobs. "Grad ...

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Personal Goals.

Personal goals, such as obtaining a bachelor's degree, are often a difficult process, but they would not be goals if they were easy. As ... achieve my goals and not abandon them. One of the goals that I have set for myself is to obtain my bachelor's of science degree in management. I know that in order to obtain my goals, it will require ...

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Personal Goals

g to take to finish school.One goal I have determined to reach for myself is to finish my Bachelors degree. I would like to finish in two years and with a "B" average. I think that if I focus on each ... As a high school student I realized I was not very good at science, but I still wanted to pursue a degree in the Animal Care field. Within the last two years I had to stop and reconsider if working a ...

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Benifit of Education

te scandals, layoffs are at an all time high. In addition, the percentage of adults with at least a bachelor's degree has increased steadily in the last couple of decades. Those with quality college e ...

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The next step towards achieving the goal of becoming a successful technical professional?

on I can work towards my goal as a network administrator or supervisor. I am going for my bachelors degree, and I know that would help, but for now I am looking for a job to pay the bills.I also plan ...

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Decision-Making Model Analysis: Critical Thinking and Computer Logic

followed Rick Roberts' 7-step Decision-Making Model when I decided to return to school to obtain a bachelor's degree.Decision-Making Model AnalysisMaking decisions can be very challenging for some pe ... nking about myself, my past, my future, my options, and how I could achieve my goal of obtaining my bachelor's degree made this step an easy one. To make the decision I had two main concerns, time and ...

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Does education after basic literacy really matter in terms of our jobs?

er it should or shouldn't matter, it definitely does. There are cases where a person doesn't have a degree and can go very far and there are people who don't have one andstart off thinking they can go ... whether it is something you will or will not provide them with. I agree with Jayne,that a bachelors degree is a great thing to have as a foundation but today, it is a little harder to get into some fi ...

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Computer Hardware Engineers

lectrical engineering. The bare minimum for a post-secondary education in this field is a Bachelors degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering, with additional graduate course work or a master's deg ...

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What Can

rience began when she first entered LaGuardia Community College, where she received her associates' degree in ________, within a period of 2 years. _____ than went on to Queens College to further her ... f 2 years. _____ than went on to Queens College to further her education and received her Bachelors degree. She enjoyed her years in college so much that she is currently planning to enroll into colle ...

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An Application of the Analytical Theory of Investment to the Education-Compensation Problem

el education only (High-School Completion); students who have completed their undergraduate career (Bachelor's Degree); students who have attained a professional designation (Professional Designation) ... e that the value of K for a professional designation is equal to the fixed cost of investment for a bachelor's degree. This is because most designations, such as that of a Chartered Accountant (CA) or ...

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