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Personal goals, such as obtaining a bachelor's degree, are often a difficult process, but they would not be goals if they were easy. As a student at University of Phoenix, I plan to set my personal standards very high. Goals are important to me, as they should be, but sometimes people abandon their goals due to impulses or greed. I hope that I can achieve my goals and not abandon them. One of the goals that I have set for myself is to obtain my bachelor's of science degree in management. I know that in order to obtain my goals, it will require a great deal of determination and hard work on my part.

The single most important decision of my life will most likely be that of returning to school to complete my degree. In spite of this fact, very difficult to express or reinforce this statement mainly because of the expectations of a successful career, financial stability, peace of mind, and self satisfaction all related to attaining my degree.

From my experience, I have learned that without goals that have been clearly defined, both short and long term, the likelihood of a successful endeavor is dramatically decreased. Therefore, I will make every effort to shed some light on the correlation between my personal goals and the successful completion of my degree at the University of Phoenix.

Individual motivation will be a big key to my success. Writing an essay for the first time in four years will be both a big accomplishment and a giant step toward another goal, which is to better my writing skills as classes progress. I plan to exercise positive thinking, writing, and in group meetings, positive speaking. Secondly, I plan to use good study habits, effective time management, effective communication, and...