Title: Personal Goals as a Unversity of Phoenix Student / This paper was a requirement for first year adult students returning to school.

Essay by Mil67RiaCollege, Undergraduate February 2004

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Personal Goals as a

University of Phoenix Student

Someone once told me that a goal without a plan is only a dream. My plans for the future are geared towards personal achievements and financial stability for my family and myself. To reach these goals, I would have to rely on my strengths and strengthen my weaknesses. The root to my quest lies in my faith, coupled with the unique learning styles taught by the University of Phoenix Online. By attending this university, I would hope to reap the rewards that higher education has to offer.

My goals are like building blocks, their stacked very high. In order to reach my long-term goals on the top, I would have to overcome my short-term goals on the bottom. I am not a stranger to hard work. Overcoming obstacles and conquering life's daily challenges takes time, prayer, and a lot of determination. To say that I never had failures or that I will not fail at some point in the future is an understatement, and is highly unrealistic.

I am thankful for my failures. Without my failures, I would not appreciate my successes. For me, failure is a window of opportunity for strength. One of my current goals in life is to maintain my growing inner strength.

Another current goal is to master the writing techniques and formatting styles in research papers. Formatting documents has presented itself as a tremendous challenge. I am so familiar with the Army writing style, that it is difficult to gravitate towards any other type of formatting style. I am currently trying to ascertain the difference between the Modern Language Association (MLA) format and the American Psychological Association (APA) format. I get lost in various rules described in The Little, Brown Compact book. For instance, sources are recorded...