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Goals are the end toward which effort is directed (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2008). Goals are subjective, differing from person to person. Some people put all there efforts into obtaining professional goals, others choose to put all their effort towards their personal goals; neither of which I believe end with positive results. I believe there need's to be a balance between business and a persons personal life. This would make my ultimate goal possible and that is to be happy.

My professional short term goal is to initiate the EBP (evidence based practice) project on my progressive care unit at BGSMC (Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center). Several of my coworkers and I are currently gathering information on research that suggests that giving patients and family members written and oral information on the side effects of their medications would improve patient satisfactory scores in a acute care setting. We meet together regularly, learning as a team how to initiate EBP into the workplace.

Then possibly in the future we will publish our findings. In terms of advancing professionalism, research was recently published, (Morris & Faulk, 2007), in which nurses were found to have increased professionalism and growth in roles and values after attending an ADN to BSN program. That is what I am striving to achieve while going through the BSN program, so I can then go on and get accepted into the FNP (family nurse practitioner) program at the University of Phoenix. In the future once I have my FNP license I plan on working for an interventional cardiologist; which will give me the opportunity to work in both the hospital and office setting. Who knows, maybe someday in the future I will go return to school for my doctorate in nursing. Income is not the sole reason for my desire...