What does it mean to be Australian?

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Picture this; an Aussie yobbo, couch potato, beer in one hand, cigee in the other, working class suburbia man, stubbies on, sitting with his mates watching the weekly footy game. This is what millions of Australians would call ‘the Australian,’ the stereotypical Australian.’ It doesn’t depict the hectic rush of the city, multiculturalism, not even displaying typical Australian traits such as mateship. The stereotypical image is in fact ‘outdated,’ Australia has modernized, expanded culturally, and simply, changed.

Good morning teachers, fellow students and other citizens, or just purely ‘g’day.’ The case currently under study is Australian image, symbolism and identity. I would like to put forward the question of; what is the Australian image and what defines Australian identity?At first thought the proximity of our land, the social gathering around the BBQ, our love of sport, Australian animals and symbols such as vegemite, and Ayres rock come to mind, but when reaching deeper into thoughts of what is Australian, characteristics of mateship, acceptance, freedom, honest, distinctive slang and humor, our care for one another and our outdoor down to earth easy going lifestyles come to mind.

Take the recent death of Steve Irwin, a man considered to be true aussie, the tickets for his memorial were given away in 15 minutes, Australians honour, respect and care for their own. It is thought that Australians live life to the fullest, fight right to the end; this courage has been by the Anzacs, the diggers and the Vietnam veterans literally, each significantly shaping and influencing Australian society.

Jessica, a book published by well-known author Bryce Courtenay in 1998, tells the true story of a young tomboy growing up in the rough Australian Outback just before the First World War. Through a series of mournful, cruel events Jessica shocks the rigid social...