Domestic Partner Benefits

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Living in a multi-cultural, diversified, and dynamic state such as California, there are many employees today that have significant others in need of benefits such as medical and dental plans. Many of these couples are not married, do not have plans to get married, and are perfectly satisfied with living together. The idea of offering benefits to domestic partner is still evolving. It costs employers next to nothing to provide benefits for domestic partners so why are they getting the wrong impression? If all companies offer domestic partner benefits they will certainly gain employees trust, and community support. The company itself will get good recognition by exercising equal opportunity, which can lead to more production and better returns. The adoption and implementation of these benefits must be presented to companies in a basic manner in order to persuade them as to why these benefits are important overall. We believe that domestic partner coverage should be offered to any employee as a choice.

In a study found on the United States Census website, there is an estimated 64 percent of employers through out the country who offer domestic partner benefits for opposite-sex as well as same-sex partners. An average of 85 percent of these employers reported that the increase in cost was less than 1percent. Domestic Partner benefits include insurance for medical, dental, disability, life, pension plans, bereavement leave, education, tuition, credit union membership, relocation, travel expenses, and inclusion of partners in company events. There are many reasons why employers should offer domestic partner benefits; the more people covered with these plans the less concern about diseases, cancer, and other sickness, as people will have access to medical treatment. These benefits do not cost a company much to extend their benefits to domestic partners. We believe that most companies do not...