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Doubt Discovery speech

Troubled, distraught, looking around this world there was a part of me that understand anything at all in life, which held me back form society. Why was I raised? Why was I here in the first place? What's the point of living in a society where everyone looks down on you like an emotionless rock? I had to seek that for myself and find that true identity hidden inside of me.

Looking into the future and even today, I still doubt about my actions and lose sight of those ideals and never focus on what direction I was going to pursue. In school, I was rather slow at learning and my grades weren't as good as I expect them to be; usually I would get 50-60% in my exams and looking at the number of smart student's exam papers, they would always get 80% up. They had that capability and talent so why didn't I have that, why was I born so useless.

Is it because of my parent's poor background genetics embedded into me, or was it because I was born disabled this way? I just sit there blaming myself again and again and others if I couldn't accomplish anything, but I knew blaming myself wouldn't solve anything.

What will happen into the future if I keep on doing this, I don't know? Am I going to become a homeless and uneducated person for the rest of my life or a burden who relies on others to do their jobs for them? Coincidence, accident, despair. Whose fault will it be if things end up like this, it's me.

At home and outside, I still ponder about these clouded thoughts that still plague my mind. I wanted to be like everyone else, the light that always shines...