Draft Women Into the Military

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Eighty years or more ago, women in America began to enjoy more civil liberties and rights, and today, they continue to do so as democracy flourishes. With women's liberties nearly identical to men's, they can now be held accountable for defending this nation should another force threaten it. The United State's high tech arsenal demands less physical stamina from soldiers, thus making combat perfectly suitable for females. Modernized technology backed by thriving democracy makes women ripe for the battlefield. America can pay women the highest honor by having them serve side-by-side men defending their democracy together in critical eras.

The traditional reason women are not included in the draft is that they are not equal to men. Women are only soldiers at home- Corporal Mom. Women only recently acquired the ballot (relative to the nation's founding). However, today men and women have equal protection under the law. There is no constitutional law that gives men priority over women.

Women now enjoy the same harbor under the wings of democracy as men do. It is only proper now to fully extend those wings by giving women a clear opportunity to defend their hard earned rights. Issuing a mandate for their military service makes them active participants of democracy. A dual sex draft not only holds them accountable for the civil liberties that they share with men, but it also delegates them an important duty which they covet because it shows they have a role in preserving freedom.

The most scientific argument that critics of the all-gender draft offer is women's weaker strength, shorter endurance, and lower stamina. By trait, they do not match up to men in the battlefield. In critical wars, sending more vulnerable women into combat can prove costly. Critics look to the addition of women in the...