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Scene 1

Light focuses on a young black male walking on the middle of the street; he is stopped when a police car drives by.

*Officer Rolls car's window down*


What do you think your doing,get on that sidewalk right now!

Boy immediately stops walking and turns to car's direction


My house is around the corner man. there ain't no cars coming and i ain't disrupting nobody so whats the big deal.

(Officer's turn to each other and laugh hysterically)


Do as you are told and walk on that damn side walk you little shit. i'm sick of people like you.

*Dramatic music begins*

Officer gets out of the car and violently grabs the boy by the arm


You have no right to attack me for no damn reason. now get your dirty hands off me.

The boy removes officer's hand off him

A police squad enters upstage left center and throws the boy to the ground face down

*All character's freeze and lights turn off*


Scene 2

* Narrator enters stage left, wearing a vendetta mask while holding a flashlight to his face

(Looks at the audience)


At this very moment the young man has his heart full of fear, he has no idea what will soon happen, pay attention everybody, its about to get heated up in here.

Narrator remains standing on the stage as scene unfreezes and bright lights turn back on.

Boy tries to get up as he has no idea what is going on, and why the officers are harassing him.


What you doing man? Leave me alone okay?

(The boy begins crying)

Boy tries to get up from the ground

(officer begins to laugh)

What in the world do you think you're...