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A large epidemic affecting approximately one in two Americans, according to a Gallup survey, is sleeping difficulty. This difficulty can come in one of many different forms. Problems falling asleep, grogginess after sufficient amounts of sleep, or waking suddenly and not being able to fall back asleep are the most common of the problems that occur in Americans. I shall explain in my report, the importance of sleep, differences in types of sleep, the approximate "reccomended daily amount" of sleep, variables that may affect sleep, and some simple tips to aide you in attaining effective slumber.

Why, exactly is sleep necessary? Sleep is more than a period of rest for the brain, in fact, it is just the opposite. As you sleep, your body repairs itself, and your psyche repairs itself, also. According to the Gallup poll, people who don't have problems sleeping, are able to cope with problems easier, concentrate better, and finish tasks more adequitely.

Lack of sleep can cause memory, learning, reasoning and calulation functions to decrease in efficiency. Lack of sleep can lead to illness and psychiatric problems also. An approximate 200,000 auto accidents are probably caused by sleep hindrence, and also, an estimate was made that sleep deprivation and work cost the economy one hundred fifty thousand dollars.

Amount of sleep necessary depends upon the individual. Some are ready to go with six hours of sleep, while others can't function without nine. If a person feels unable to stay focused during monotonous or boring work, it is possible they may need more sleep. Also, need for sleep doesn't decline with age, it just may be more difficult to retain the ablility to sleep, as one may lose vision or hearing.

Sleep is not just a time of relaxation and rest for the body. In...