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Dreams (Sigmound Freud's interpretation) Dreams, what are the meaning? Sigmound Freud "Dreams, what are the meaning?" Sigmound Freud wrote many books, publications, and articles about the subject of dreams and how to interpret them. He had many theories pertaining to why, what, and how to interpret our dreams and find a meaning hidden within them.

Freud had many theories about what certain dreams and the objects within those dreams are symbols of. His theory of dreams is based on a number of things. First of which is that dreams are essentially the method of protecting sleep. As sleep is a necessity to a healthy functioning body, the need for the mind to continue reacting to stimuli while the body is at rest, is essential. He states that dreams are the mind's reaction to external stimuli. For example, he did tests on many patients in which he would use external forces to see if it would indeed effect their dreams.

Freud placed a strong cologne in front of a patients nose, and the patient dreamt that he was in Cairo acting as a sort of "Zorro" type hero on an adventure. Then he placed a drop of water on the patient's forehead, and the patient dreamt he was in Italy, and sweating violently while drinking Orvieto wine. So this would be one theory to how dreams come about. However, Freud pondered the question of "why do we have dreams if there is no external stimuli present?" Thus, he concluded that if there is no external stimuli then the dreamer must receive stimulus from an internal force, such as our inner most desire, wishes, fears, and problems. Such emotions are called latent dreams thought, as compared to external forces, which are called manifest dream contents. Trying to interpret our "latent dream...