Dreams and dreaming

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Dreams and Dreaming " To write something and leave it behing us, It is but a dream When we awake we know There is not even anyone to read it" Zen Master Ikkyu WE dream during a state of sleep called REM sleep. It is known that theta rythems sent from the hippocampus, which determine if something is of essential value to the brain, are presesnt during REM sleep. Which supports the idea that dreaming is connected to learning and that dreams are very important to the growing process.

Sleep is set in cycles, each containing four stages STAGE 1: Light sleep begins- thata waves STAGE 2: Light sleep continues- spindles and K complexes STAGE 3: The onset of deep sleep- K complexes and delta STAGE 4: Very deep sleep- delta waves The first cycle is roughly 90 minutes. The brain decends through all four stages, and then acends back through them, but on the way up REM sleep is experienced at stage 1.

This REM period lasts about 10 minutesAfter the first cycle the delta sleep may no occur at all. the brain will cycle through stage 1 and 2. As the night goes on the proportion of REM to NON- REM increase, so by the end of the night you may dream for as much as 1 of the last 2 hours of sleep. Though for some of us we still sleep deeply even to the wee hours of the morning. The "deep sleepers" Thus light sleeper are more likely able to remember dreams.

The Menangkabau tribes of Indonesia believe that the real life force, the sumanghat, actually leaves the body in both dreams and serious illness. The shaman, or Dukun, must project his conciousnes into the realm of dreams in order to placate or harry the malicious malignant spirits who are hostile to the subject Dreamtime of the Aboriginees is a primal state which embraces the creation of the world at the very dawn of our time. It is the realm of the mythical beings who fist breathed life onto the universe.. Their culture extends back over 40,000 years, the oldest spiritual culture of the world. The Shaman is known as the Karadji. To become a shaman you are killed in the dreamtime, he is then chosen by the spirits of the dreamtime who throw an invisible force which transfixes him through the neck and tongue, and another which peirces his head from ear to ear. His dram corpse is then given new internal organs and crystals are embeded into his wrists and the third eye, which will become the source of his magical power. He is reborn. He is taught by the Rai, or spirits through concious dreaming to see with an inner eye.