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Sawall 1

Evonna Sawall

Professor Kaefer

English 1A

27 February 2014

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a severe problem that has been skyrocketing in society. About 570,000 people die annually due to drug use. People sometimes feel they are too bright, too powerful, and too much in control to become addicted. Addiction can trap anyone. Drugs restrain individuals from accomplishing goals, cause physical damage, can be deadly, and alter relationships.

It is so sad to watch amazing people throw their life away for drugs. Personally, I have seen too many people lose their lives to drugs. Shelby, one of my best friends, was one of the most kind-hearted friends that I have ever known, but now she is lost to drugs. In school she was the type of girl whom everyone wanted to be like. She was fantastic at everything she did. In high school, she was an outstanding student, head cheerleader, and every boy's crush.

She did everything in her power to achieve her goals. Ever since she was little, she wanted to be a cheerleading coach. Day after day I watched her work hard trying to achieve her goal of becoming a coach. After years of cheerleading and working hard, she was offered a job as head cheer coach of a club cheer team. Then one day, out of nowhere, Shelby took a turn in the wrong direction. When we were seniors in high school, Shelby decided to get involved with the wrong crowd, and began smoking Heroin. From that day on, her life slowly went down hill. It killed me that there was nothing I was able to do or say to stop her from using. Shelby thought she was too smart to become an addict. She told me she was in control of her drug use.