Drugs And Alcohal, Swallow Your Dreams

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Drugs and Alcohol"¦Swallow your dreams Would you knowingly put a gun to your head, slowly pulling the trigger without trying to stop yourself? Affecting your family, friends and neighbors. Then why would you collapse to the peer pressure of abusing/using drugs and alcohol? Although it is your choice there are more negatives than positives to doing it.

In life drugs or alcohol will sometime affect everyone. It can be you experimenting or using them, or a friend or someone else in your life. Your friend or yourself completely embarrassing themselves/yourself at a party to killing someone in an accident. Both of them will give you regrets and make you think life over. Make sure you know what is a high priority.

To me there are a few different ways you can have fun in life. Many people in society have the choice of which they can use"¦although some have a little more adequacies for one rather then the others.

For example if you were brought up in a very spiritual house where you try to or be a little more pure. There would be a better chance of you having fun just being yourself, not changing your image"¦on all the things that make you laugh and happy. But there are some people who are brought up in a home or neighborhoods were it is normal for drugs and alcohol. The people there are so fixed on them that to survive they depend on you for a steady income.

To me the first group I described is called the natural group"¦these people were raised in a close knit family and everyone knows everything about each other. Or close to it. They are more likely to have spiritual background, from Christian to Hindu. If they were to use or abuse drugs or...