Drunk and Dead

Essay by NeonFxHigh School, 12th grade February 2004

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Drunk and Dead - a story by a dear friend of mine Matt

Ding Dong as my doorbell rings. I roll out of bed early to see who it is. A few friends come over we decided to drink a bit early and free booze, how can I say no. I handled myself pretty well for being the big football and hockey junky at 211lbs 6'2. We started off with the jack till we robbed the change bar under the sink, We went and bought some beer and just relaxed. A few hours later the beer seemed to disappear and the shots started having problems wanting to stay down.

Shortly after the time flew it was eight o'clock. We decided to go out and find somewhere to go something to do. We exit the drive way then heading to the main street we get pulled over. The officer comes up, he can smell the alcohol on our breaths before he got to the car.

Lucky enough for us it was an older hockey coach and a loyal fan to our Lakers team. He made us give him the rest of our alcohol only a couple beer then told us to head straight to where we were going. I was feeling lucky as if my life has just been carried to a whole new place.

We went out to this party. It was early to go but we were all drunk couldn't see straight and just went to the liquor store once again. We didn't really care who was hosting the party, I guess we felt everyone was cool just by knowing us. Well I wasn't like that my friends were. I seemed to be the only one who didn't care to much about anything.

I don't tell them my real...