During this semester, there have been many concepts and topics

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During this semester, there have been many concepts and topics that can be connected to everyday life. These topics are important to connect to everyday life because they show us how the study of sociology can be used to explain the everyday actions of people.

One of these topics is bureaucracy. When I worked in Best Buy, there was a ladder of management, which was very high. During this job, every department would have a senior and a supervisor that had a much greater say in what was going to be done. Then, managers would control them and ultimately control the store. They had the most control in the store and obviously the most experience. Also, the managers used their power to direct the regular employees and told them what to do. This type of bureaucracy was used to maximize the amount of work that was done. This system was used because the ability of higher management to control the rest of the store, they could use this system to their advantage and change what they wanted without the general involvement of the employees.

This topic was very evident during my employment at Best Buy.

Culture can be described as a way of life, but it is a concept that involves values, beliefs, language, gestures, behaviors and material objects that constitute a person's way of life. It's clearly seen that everybody has culture one way or another. In my specific case, the culture stretches as far back as I was born. Since I was born in another country, my values and beliefs are somewhat different than in this country. The values that I learned has given me a different aspect about how my culture is different than here in this country. With these beliefs, my culture has evolved in a more structured way, when I was growing up. The main reason it has changed once again, is due to the fact that I grew up in this country versus growing up in my homeland. This aspect of culture directly parallels with the notion of how culture affects the everyday person.

Another aspect or concept that I can parallel is socialization. Ever since I can remember, everybody who has been in my life has taught me something about my own culture. Socialization is a lifelong process, so the learning and adapting to ones' culture never stops. With this aspect of socialization, the lifelong process brings conformity to the person who is learning culture. Culture learning is all around us. Wherever a person goes or whatever they do, they interact with others and they are taught about culture based on what they see and what they feel. These learning can be considered lifelong and should be taken seriously. Due to the learnings that I received and currently receive, there are many new things and ideas that I have learned because I have had that interaction.

As it is clearly seen, there are a lot of concepts that connect one's life with the ideas that are given in class. Many of these ideas help to understand what culture and socialization is about and how to deal with it. It is also important to remember that many people have different cultures around them and to share in one's own knowledge of the subject.