The Dutch Become Less Cool

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The standard in the social debate about the multicultural civilization in the Netherlands changed and ever more often there are expressions of aversion opposed to foreigners. Even though the Dutch are seen as open-minded the representation of the Netherlands as a tolerant nation, thus open to foreign influence, is lost. This because of fear for national and international violent incidents, furthermore since some immigrants are at a certain phase of civilisation that is far behind of the host countries, and final because citizens feel nuisances of subcultures which frequently results into deterioration of the public domain.

The terror of September 2001 had a great influence on the public opinion in the Netherlands. Not only is the assault a factor in this awareness moreover violent incidents as suicide bombings, train bombings in London and Madrid, as well as violent incidents in Amsterdam. The Dutch are afraid of fundamental thoughts thus rather ban the possible danger subcultures might bring amongst them.

The verification for this is found in inquiries of the Social and Cultural Plan agency. Since the early nineties they have questioned Dutch citizens about their estimation regarding to foreigners. The results prove that half of the interrogated share the opinion that there are too many foreigners living in the Netherlands and that they are fearful for terrorist assaults. It also states that the overall conception about foreigners has become more negative since the attacks in the United States.

Some cultures have not fully embraced the culture of the Netherlands which conflicts with the native inhabitants. An example is the fall of 2001. General societal resentment of increasing numbers of Muslims and their culture became eloquent; the politician Pim Fortuyn, who was killed shortly before the general election of 2002, received broad support for his characterization of Islam as a...