Dystopia Comparison/Contrast

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In the novel A Brave New World and the movie Clockwork Orange, there are many similarities and differences. These movies are common in that they are both dystopias. Another similarity the two hold is that they both use brainwashing to help create a perfect society.

In the movie Clockwork Orange, the main character, Alex, who delights in rape, violence, thievery and leading gangs is arrested and sentenced to 14 years in prison. In his the second year of his sentence he is chosen as the first person to undergo the Ludovico's Technique. This was a brainwashing method that involved showing him violent films, and pumping full of a substance which makes him feel extremely ill, so that violence and sickness become linked in his mind.

In A Brave New World, brainwashing is used in the way they condition the test tube babies after they are take off their bottles.

However they use methods known as Neo-Pavlonian conditioning and Hypnopaedia. Neo-Pavlonian conditioning, the babies were placed in an environment filled with books and roses, and are frightened by sirens and electric shock so that the next time they are confronted with these objects they recoil in fear. Hypnopaedia is where ethical phrases were played as the babies slept, so that the phrases were subconsciously part of their mind.

A difference between the two movie and the novel is that in which they are governed. In A Brave New World is ruled by World Controllers, who try and put down human birth and emotions, and focus everyone on unifying to be a large social society filled with happiness. When members of this society are anti-social, violent, or bringing others down, they are exiled to a secluded area.

In Clockwork Orange, however the government focuses on making a society free from...