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E-business Paper

John Depakakibo



Sara Carpenter

E-business is doing business over the internet and selling their products through e-commerce opposed to buying and selling in a brick and mortar business with only a physical storefront. The online storefront allows customers to shop online while checking emails or doing other business. Toys 'R' Us was previously just a brick and mortar company with no online storefront. Now, Toys 'R' Us is engaged in e-business including e-commerce. Entering into the e-business forum is risky and there are many barriers to entry. The funds needed to put up an online storefront are less than a brick and mortar store. The internet has decreased the barriers of starting up a new business. Unfortunately, there can still be many problems with e-commerce as there are problems with any business. E-business with a focus on e-commerce is the main topic of this paper.

Toys 'R' Us made many attempts to enter into the e-business and e-commerce realm. The first time they entered into the realm, they encountered many problems. The first site crashed very often, made errors in orders, etc. Because of all of the hardship, Toys 'R' Us decided to partner with Amazon.com to build its online storefront with some stability of using an online store that was already successful. Together, Toys 'R' Us and Amazon built an online toy store. Toys 'R' Us made this decision because it could not stand on its own yet. It could not handle having an online storefront and a brick and mortar storefront. The partnership with Amazon was to last ten years. Four years into the partnership, Toys 'R' Us held a lawsuit against Amazon stating that Amazon was not using Toys 'R' Us as the exclusive provider of toy. In 2006, Toys...