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A true and comprehensive e-Business uses a combination of different technologies to connect with customers. The Internet makes it achievable to reach the entire world around the clock. This report discusses how three travel agencies developed an e-business and how each website is developed differently in negative and positive manner. All three companies had to take into consideration the look and feel of the site, how the agencies supply chain was going to be affected and what marketing tools to use. In addition, legal, ethical and regulatory issues, and the security, confidentiality, and International issues are addressed.

Travel agencies underwent changes in the same pace as the Internet became popular. The ability for customers to interact on-line with travel service providers made the services from the traditional travel agency obsolete. The web site as the face of the e-business takes an important role. In the very beginning, the customer may judge the e-business by its web appearance.

Therefore, e-business needs to pay attention to their web sites in regards to the appealing design and easy navigation.

1) The selected business industry - Judy

2) The three companies and their websites for that industry - Judy

3) How the supply chain was affected by eBusiness-Jaime

The supply chain in the travel industry changed with e-business. In the past, travel agencies have been supplied by services from airlines, air charter services, hotels, rental cars, and other travel services such as cruises etc. Most information has been provided earlier by phone and later by computer. The travel agency during this time played an important role. For customers it was impossible to book a flight or a hotel on their own. However, suppliers relied on travel agencies to get sales.

The e-business changed the process entirely. Companies such as Travelocity.com or Expedia.com offer...