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Essay by khushtri August 2009

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BlueChip cars is a performance car hire firm hire 'offering the very best in top of the range Sports car hire as well as high end prestige cars such as Aston Martin and Mercedes'.(BlueChip 2004) The company currently operates from a show room type outlet offering car hire to businesses and individuals. They also have a web site which displays a selection of the cars they offer as well as a guideline to their tariffs and an online query form for customers to enquire about booking a car.

Car hire firms have steadily grown over the past few years and to gain a competitive advantage over rivals there are a number of things that BlueChip can do in order to increase sales and awareness of the service they offer. This report aims to identify an e-business proposal for a more active web presence for BlueChip in order to attract more clients and gain a competitive advantage over rival car hire firms as well as advertise to a national audience.

Analysis of Current SituationCurrently BlueChip does the majority of its bookings through telephone or through the office at where they are located in Kings Cross, London. Already operating costs are high due to the location of the office and land on which the cars are stored. The business specialises in high end luxury and sport cars, some of which are extremely rare and appeal to a niche market. Examples of such cars include the Ferrari Spider and Aston Martin Vanquish, just being able to test drive one of these cars is a rare occurrence. Customers interested in hiring these cars have a large disposable income with the costs ranging from £500 upwards per day. All bookings as stated are currently made in person with face to face or voice to voice...