Early Teachings of Muhammad

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In this essay I'm going to talk about the early teachings of Muhammad and expansion of it into Islam and why it had such a big success. I'm also going to talk about achievements and accomplishments

by the Muslims in science, mathematics, astronomy and philosophy.

Muhammad took great interest in religion and often spent time alone in prayer and meditation. At about the age 40 Muhammad's life was changed overnight when a voice called to him while he meditated in a cave outside of Mecca. According to him belief, the voice was that of the angel Gabriel. Who told Muhammad that he was a messenger of God.

After much soul-searching, Muhammad came to believe that the lord who spoke to him through Gabriel was Allah. Muhammad became convinced that he was the last of the prophets. He taught that Allah was the one and only God and that all other gods must be abandoned.

People who agreed to this basic principal of Islam were called Muslims. In Arabic, Islam means "submission to the will of Allah."

Muhammad had not named a successor or instructed his followers how to choose one. Relying on ancient tribal custom, the Muslim community elected as their leader Abu-Bakr, a loyal friend of Muhammad and a man respected for his devotion to Islam. Abu-Bakr became the first caliph.

Muslims of the day saw the victories as a sign of Allah's support of Islam. Muslims drew energy and inspiration from their faith and were willing to struggle to extend and defend Islam. The Muslim armies were well disciplined and expertly commanded. Their tactics enable them to overwhelm forces unaccustomed to their style of warfare.

Many Advances in mathematics were related to the study of astronomy. The sciences of mathematics and optics, along with scientific observation, led...