The eassy is about Lennie and his ability to love soft things in the film of John Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men

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In the film of John Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men, Lennie has a problem of keeping things alive.

The first incident is when Lennie was touching this lady's red velvet dress. He wouldn't let go, so the townspeople thought he was raping her, because she was screaming loud. The truth was that he really touched it, and she tried to escape, but he ripped it by accident. Lennie and George ran down to the river to escape from the lynch mob. They hid in the river brush.

After Lennie and George barley escaped from the lynch mob, and are on the way to the ranch. Lennie finds a mouse somewhere from running away and heading to the ranch. He tells George that he found it dead and just wanted to pet it. George really knows that Lennie found it alive and killed it by accident. George throws it and makes Lennie upset.

George tells Lennie that as soon as he can he will get Lennie a puppy.

While, on the ranch Slim asks George if its ok that Lennie gets one of his puppies. Lennie picks out the white one and loves the thing to death. Later in the story all the ranch workers are playing a horseshoe tournament, and Lennie is in the barn with the puppy. We don't know as viewers or readers of the book how the puppy dies. All we see is that it's dead in the barn in Lennie's hands. Curley's wife comes in and asks Lennie what is wrong with the puppy, and reassures him that he will be able to get another one because it was only a mutt.

The last and final accident is when Lennie is in the barn with Curley's wife. Lennie and her are talking about...