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ALERT!! ALERT!! ALERT!! Smoking Cigarettes while you are pregnant can be dangerous! All women who smoke and have been or may become pregnant must listen to this urgent information. Smoking while you are pregnant can be dangerous. It has both short term and long-term effects on the unborn child. Smoking can cause low birth weight and possible addiction by your newborn baby. Smoking can also give your unborn child cancer causing material in his immune system.

Smoking Cigarettes while pregnant is very dangerous in the sense that it can cause low birth weight for a newborn child. Newborns need as much weight on their bodies as possible to help keep them warm and because they usually lose a few pounds after they are born. Smoking Cigarettes can also cause babies to be born prematurely in this world. Babies, which are born with low birth weight andor prematurely, cannot fight infection as well as a “healthy” baby.

Their body’s immune system isn’t as strong, which also gives them a less chance of survival compared to a full-grown baby that was born on time.

Nicotine is highly addictive and smoking nicotine while you are pregnant can cause your child to be born addicted to nicotine. Your child would probably be very cranky much like yourself if you quit smoking nicotine. Detox is not a fun thing to go through, so imagine being two hours old and never needing anything in your life and all the sudden you need nicotine. A baby doesn’t know why heshe is feeling so bad, do you? An innocent child does not ask to be born fighting an addiction the first month of hisher life.

Finally, Smoking cigarettes is dangerous for you and most importantly your unborn child because they contain carcinogens, which are toxic, cancer causing chemicals. You would be putting your child, as well as yourself at risk for possible cancer related problems in the future. Cigarettes have over 3,000 unidentified chemicals, which means if they can’t be identified then nobody knows what kind of damage they can do. If you wouldn’t pick up a piece of trash off the street and smoke it the why would you smoke over 3,000 chemicals, which you have no idea the contents of.

All women who smoke and have been andor are thinking about becoming pregnant must not smoke cigarettes while you are pregnant. Both the short term and long term side effects can be dangerous and even deadly. Nicotine can be the cause of low birth weight and premature babies. Nicotine is highly addicting and unborn babies become addicted while in the mother’s womb. They often will be born addicted. Cigarettes, while you are pregnant, can give both you and your child carcinogens, which are toxic, cancer causing chemicals. Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals that scientists cannot identify. Do not smoke cigarettes while you are pregnant, it is very dangerous to the health of your baby.