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According to the article "When Does Education Stop?" it stated that a young man interviewed the author, James Michener, and bellyaching about writing a three thousand words paper which is about James' book. Because the young man sounded whimpering, James started to talk about his own experience of writing millions words paper. He mentioned that young people should realize that they have to put many efforts in order to achieve their goals. Also, men and women should know that they would face the difficult tasks before they success. Besides, no college can educate people with all they want, and all they need in the future. Although people study literature, logic or history probably have a fewer job opportunities, these fields actually have more wide job opportunities in the future. In addition, the schools are not a relax place. In stead of it, these schools are the places to train people.

Therefore, if professors do not give many works for students to study, they should quit those professors or schools and seek others who have harsh teaching rules.

The changes of the social structure caused people tend to learn the high technology instead of studying arts or literature. Some scholars think that people don't know how to write a good paper, or a nice article because people think it's too tedious that takes a lot of time to write, to research, and to edit. People love to look for material satisfaction, or participate with things which they are interested in. Therefore, they probably don't want to spend much time to devote in studying. In my opinion, either having a lot of works or less works has it's own advantages and disadvantages which depends on person's own interests.

People usually get different kind of benefits from various things, and it's hard...