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Jonathon Pannullo

Amanda Hauser

Civics & Economics

30 September 2014

Scotland Votes No For Independence

Many people this week did not know that history might be changed forever. On Thursday, September 18, Scotland voted and decided to stay as part of the UK. The voting was done by getting the vote of each person in all of the states. It was a close decision with the amount of votes being 55% no and 45% yes with a turnout of 84.6% of people placing a vote an unusually high number of voters but expected for such a big decision involving the whole country. The actual Scottish Independence Referendum Bill was passed in November of last year but took a while to get processed and declared voting worthy. With this many people that voted, more than 3.6 million, many are still upset at the close loss.

While this was a big deal in Scotland many people do not believe that this would have affected them in any way other than having to add a piece of history to the textbook.

While we can never know exactly how the world would have changed we know that it would have made a major impact on the world. This could be shown by the new trade market that would come into play now that Scotland would have to provide for themselves so the world would have someone new to trade with. There would be less money for the UK now that Scotland does not have to pay their taxes. But even though they have not declared independence many things will still change. UK officials are trying to make sure that Scotland does not try to vote for independence again by being nice to them. This includes offering reduced taxes, more inland jobs, and more...