Education among Minorities. This is a great summary of 2 different journals, explaning minorities and their educational disabilities.

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Education Among Minorities

The first of the journal's four major points is to explain why some minority students do well in school. The first step in understanding why there is success and failure in all types of minorities. The different type of minority groups are the ones that classify what type of minority you are dealing with and what type of environment they are associated with. There are three types of minority groups that are classified as educational minority groups and they are Autonomous minorities, immigrant minorities, and involuntary or castelike minorities. The first one being the autonomous minorities are the ones such as Jews and Mormons that are minorities primarily in a numerical sense. They already have a culture or reference which encourages academic success so they are in there own little community and have there own goals and beliefs. The second minority group is immigrant minorities. They are the people who have moved more or less voluntarily from where they where at to another society because they thought that such a move would help them out in many of ways in there life style.

The immigrants are the ones that want to make something of themselves in the United States by bettering there economic status. They are the type of people that go out and look for jobs and economic wealth by bettering them self in the ways of the new culture they are in. It would be like if an American goes to another country for vacation they would want to learn the language so they could have a better visit and enjoy more of the sites without struggle. The third one in the Involuntary minorities they are the ones that did not have a say so in becoming members of the society such as African Americans,