Education destroys creativity. Is this true?

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Everyone in the world has gone through education in one way or another, be it home-schooling or attending school. In Singapore, it is compulsory for everyone to have at least six years of primary school education. The idea behind traditional education was to prepare students with as wide and strong a base as possible for future success and contribution to the world. Now, it also involves ensuring the students possess the correct beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. Creativity is defined as originality and the way one expresses himself. It is not true that education destroys creativity. Through education, people learn how to be independent, yet communicate well with those around them, think of new ideas to improve the present conditions and learn about the things around them in a fun and creative way. Thus, education does not destroy creativity but instead, encourages people to be creative.

Firstly, education teaches people how to be independent, self-directed learners, and also communicate well with others at the same time.

In class, teachers often facilitate group discussions and also do projects in small groups of four to five pupils. This method allows students to interact and learn from one another, with minimal help from teachers. Students not only learn how to source for information by themselves, they also sit together and brainstorm for new ideas. In lieu of having highly structured learning formats that constrain the expression of ideas, Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong encourages all schools to adopt a "Teach less, learn more" approach, so as to allow students to think out of the box. Hence, education put forth students to think creatively.

Most local and overseas universities, polytechnics and vocational institutes hold entrepreneurship workshops for students to attend. In these workshops, students are encouraged to think innovatively and discover fresh...