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Education of the Chinese Language and Literature

Abstract: Higher professional set up in each country, the establishment of a maximum, the establishment of the longest, but it is also composed of professional schools is one of the essential professional Chinese language and literature. It has many advantages, such as basic strength, a wider range of employment and social needs of the various sectors of its relatively stable, and so on. However, in the continuous development of the information society at the same time, China's science and education and also the rapid development of economy and culture, which are gradually changing people's traditional concepts of education and human resources strategy concepts, but also the traditional humanities majors enormous impact. As long history of one of the traditional specialty Chinese language and literature, as early as in the 'May Fourth' Period had already established its basic meaning, but in the course of their professional system components in the mid-20th century or so, drawing on the Soviet model of determined on the basis.

In the era of constraints, Chinese Language and Literature of talent nurturing the development of knowledge, and its ability to foster the dissemination of knowledge is just under derivatives, capacity is essentially not its purpose. Today community urgently needs a strong professional capabilities of the application of Chinese Language and Literature class professionals for graduate students to show their ability and talent is the main form of writing, this is the community for the most basic of these graduates of the requirements. From today's Chinese Language and Literature graduate student employment situation, their main job types are: language education, cultural promotion, news kind of work, secretarial, administration, etc. These jobs require a higher associated personnel engaged in writing capability. Therefore, the Chinese language and literature majors in college language and...