Educational psychology: student motivation, field observation

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I interviewed a friend about a class in which he was less motivated and a class he was more motivated in:The tasks in the class that he was less motivated in he said that the tasks were usually worksheets that seemed to never end, and the other tasks were boring assigned subjects. In the class where he was more motivated his assignments were different every day and the subjects were constantly changing.

Both teachers tried to relate the material to the student’s background, although in the class where he was less motivated the teacher didn’t make good analogies for the students, comments about shows from the early eighties, the students could not relate the material. In the class where he was more motivated the teacher would use examples that were up to date and of the student’s interest.

The instructor’s evaluation of the student’s performance was incredibly different. In the class where he was less motivated the instructors grading system was not dependable and he would not consider grade changing.

The class where he was more motivated the instructor did not assign grades except for attendance (unless excused), daily grades and weekly quizzes.

Grouping was found in the class where he was more motivated and the students were paired with someone so ability related groups did not form. He also encouraged individualistic goal structures by talking to students individually about there performance, good or poor on a weekly basis.

The class where he was less motivated never worked with any groups and had little connection to the teacher.

Recognition was also only found in the class he was more motivated, the instructor used a student organization to present awards to other students in particular areas of achievement. This allowed for students to accelerate in different subjects.

Students maintained responsibility in...