The Effects of Anabolic Steroids

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You've seen them, and you thought you knew what was going on. The muscle-heads at

the gym, the all-star basketball player, the amazing offensive tackle, and the lightning fast

swimmer. All of them used steroids, and you knew it. They were all unnaturally strong, and

looked like gods. But what you could not see is the terrible side effects which come through the

use of anabolic steroids. These powerful drugs have both positive and negative results from their

use. Along with increased strength and size, users of steroids suffer from ailments like cancer,

bad acne, hair loss, damaged organs and intense mood swings.

Anabolic steroids are a group of muscle building chemicals, which are synthetic versions

of the male hormone, testosterone. Developed in 1935 they were prescribed to aid in muscle

and tissue repair by those who had undergone surgery or had degenerative diseases. Now they

are used by athletes and patients alike.

But they are illegal to use if not prescribed by a

physician, and have been banned by nearly all athletic organizations, both professional and


When you think of someone who uses steroids you typically picture someone who is

massive, and whose muscle mass is very well defined. A picture comes to mind of the giant

body builder, who is so big he can't touch his back because his biceps are in the way, but he can

manage to bench press his car. The possible growth and development is amazing. With much

less work necessary, the results can be astounding. Athletes can get bigger, stronger and faster,

with less effort than previous. The limits of an athletes potential with steroids seem to be

unbounded. These are the positive aspects to the use of steroids. One study showed that as

much as ten pounds of lean muscle mass...