The Effects of Diversity on Individual Behavior.

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Diversity among individuals is an extremely broad subject that is primarily concerned with the differences between individual human beings. These differences can include anything from age to race, sexual preference, and/or gender. While identifying diversity in today's world is easily done, this paper will focus on the potential effects of diversity on an individual's behavior. This paper will examine gender, ethnicity, age, and socioeconomic status and provide an insight into what effects these types of diversity can have on an individual.

Individual Behavior and Gender

To understand the impact of gender on an individual's behavior, one must first know to what the word gender refers. Gender is a word that is typically used to define the biological group to which one belongs. This group differentiates between human males and females. The difference that gender refers to is strictly biological. However, it is human nature to assume roles defined by one's specific gender.

It is assumed that a man is to be a strong and aggressive type while females are expected to be somewhat passive and less aggressive. Another assumption is that boys should be raised to participate in sports and activities such as hunting and fishing. Girls, on the other hand, are expected to play with dolls and grow up to be interested in clothes and beauty products. These assumptions are known as gender roles. The effects of gender roles have been an issue for generations. One only has to look as far as the percentage of women in the workforce to see the effects of gender roles. While gender is becoming less of an issue than in recent years, one can still see the effects when looking at higher paying or more physical job statistics. The fact remains that women are still somewhat looked upon as being inferior...