The Effects of Divorce on Children

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DivorceAdvanced Human Growth and DevelopmentDivorce 2My parents divorced when I was three years old. This one event in my life has either directly or indirectly shaped every decision I've ever made. The breakdown in communication between my parents didn't hurt them but in turn put an intense amount of needless stress on me as a young child. I never had delusions of my parents getting back together like what is stated in the online article Divorce Effects on Children ( Eleoff 2003). My father left my mother which made her feel abandoned and incredibly bitter. She tried to compensate for this by remarrying very quickly to my current stepfather.

Collectively they constantly bashed my father verbally all through my child hood and this continues to this day. This had an indirect effect on my self confidence. They made me feel bad for loving my father or going to see him like it was one giant competition for my affection they wanted me to love my mother more than my father.

I felt like I was just something my mother could say she had over my father.

I never acted out verbally or physically like is stated in the research I collected but I withdrew gradually from contact with my stepfather. Following the old saying of letting sleeping dogs lie I would tip toe around not sayDivorce 3anything unless asked and just try to stay out of his way. This has led to me bottling my emotions inside instead of letting them out which even today I have problems with. Any time I get angry I just keep it inside and it builds and builds until I lose my temper and explode into a ball of rage. I struggle with this daily and feel that it has led to the development...