The Effects Of Globalisation On The Australian Business Culture

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Critically evaluate the notion of a global business culture. How has this impacted on Australian business culture? Introduction The aim of this paper is to begin to understand the cultural ramifications associated with the movement towards a global scale merger of markets and production, and in particular, the impact on Australian businesses. In order to comprehend the topic in the depth required, the terms of Globalisation and Culture will be defined in context.

The discussion will cover the reasons attributed to broadening the horizons of globalisation such as, the decrease in trade and investment barriers, rapid technological advances & Increased efficiency of global electronic marketplaces. The impacts of a global business culture on the nations in the political, economic & cultural spheres will also be examined, as too the resistance to globalisation arguments. Those opposed insist that the globalisation approach by the Australian government is starving the health and education systems of essential funds whilst continuing to dole out massive subsidies to large corporations so they may compete in the open market and submit to this global culture.

However, supporters of globalisation dismiss these critics of the globalisation as being reluctant to change The analysis also reports on the issues that have gone into making Australia a part of this Global Business Culture through activities such as manufacturing and employment practices. Also examined within the report are global business and design structures, indicating a movement from traditionally hierarchical structures to flatter and more flexible structures.

The benefit to members of global business culture was also investigated, along with how the elements of this movement affected business dealings across the globe. This line of argument suggested that slowly Australia is becoming part of a homogenised model of culture in the business environment. Theory by Hofstede and Maslow was used to...