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Even though state funds used to pay for the Saints football team could be used for new schools, new roads, or a pay raise for state workers, I believe the Saints recent wins have had a positive effect on the community, local businesses, and my family. The community has benefited by the Saints season because team players have motivated children to be active daily and the Saints donate to volunteers at local charities every year. The fleur de lis design, which is the Saints symbol, has been a top selling item in merchandise. The Saints football games also bring my family and friends together to watch the games when the Saints are playing.

The positive effect the Saints have had on the local businesses can be seen in stores everywhere. Local stores and websites that sell sporting goods have seen significant increases in revenue in recent months because of the success of the Saints season.

A manager of Sports Avenue at Lakeside Shopping Center said he has not seen such interest in Saints merchandise since the team was in the playoffs in 2006 (“Saints Merchandise Picking Up,” 2010, para. 2). The football team also boosts the sale of fleur de lis brandished items. Price LeBlanc Toyota, a local car dealership, used a modified version of the Saint’s “Who Dat” cheer in a commercial they aired recently (Price LeBlanc Toyota, 2010).

The Saints have had a positive effect on the local community. Younger children are developing a love for the game, and are becoming more active. Saints fan Wesley Warren, 7, of Metairie, LA, was chosen as this year’s NFL PLAY 60 Super Kid. She won the contest held by nflrush.com by pledging to be active 60 minutes a day and writing an essay answering two questions about the importance of health and fitness (“Wesley Warren of Metairie Named NFL Play 60 Super Kid“, 2010). The Saints are also helping local charities. As part of a national volunteer recognition program, the Saints and NFL Charities have donated over $1 million to volunteers at community organizations. These volunteers must exhibit leadership, dedication, and commitment to improving their community (Karl, 2009).

The season the Saints have had this year has had a good effect on my family life as well. Every game day we get dressed in our Saints attire. Everyone has his or her own jersey to wear. My family and I usually get together with friends for the game. My four year old daughter loves to watch the Saints play. She recites the “Who Dat” cheer before and during the game with everyone. Another reason the winning season has had such a positive effect on my family life is because my boyfriend is usually upset if the Saints lose. Since the Saints are winning more games, he has been in a better mood after the games.

Some people think the state funding spent on football could be better used for other improvements the state needs like road repairs, new playgrounds, or new schools. I do not think the state should cut funding on the Saints football program because the effect this season has had on the community has been a positive one. The team brings more tourism to the city of New Orleans because people are coming to watch the games. The good season the Saints possess is causing an increase in revenue on Saints and fleur de lis merchandise for local businesses. The football team also brings together family and friends to watch the games. I believe that the Saints have come through many struggles to arrive at the point they are currently. They encourage my community, my family, and me to never give up for what we want in life. The Saints and their fans have never stopped believing in themselves, and I think that is a very valuable lesson for this community.

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