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Name : Yaşar Alper OĞUZ

Date : 14.04.2014

Cause and Effect Essay

Dr. Barbara BROWN

ENG 101 SEC. C


In social media, people can easily find anyone they want, these people might be their high school friend form past, co-workers of them from present. Also, people can even find new friends and creates new relationship though social media , Facebook and Twitter. This phenomenon begs the question of whether a not social media helps people socialize , or does social media make people more anti-social ?. Spending sleepless nights, people especially teens spent most of their time in front of their computers and they became lazy. Losing face to face communication is another bad effect of social media , nowadays people just talking on social sites and they just looking their photos , they think , do not need to meet. And other bad affect of social media is that can router our views against social events , we follow social events as how social media show us .

It also affects people daily lives , walking around like zombies in day light, lack of communication and avoiding people etc. On social media platform called Facebook may cause to felony. In the article ''Wired: Encourage positive aspects of social media for children, teens while guarding against risks'' by Deborah Johnson : the author gives an example of digital felony. When discusses the cause of two teenage girls in Miami who stole their class mates Facebook account and posted nude photographs on the accounts they had stolen (1). Another issue about social media, people who use social media a lot , lose their face to face communication skills with other people, keyboards become their voice, the little faces they use become their facial movement. Many people think...