The Effects of Video Games

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Video games are a big part of today's society. Over 97% of teens play video games. Not all adults approve of video games. People have said that it promotes violence in teenagers and children. After many scientific studies; video games might not be as bad as many people think they are.

Children in the 21st century want much more visual stimulation than last generations children. The answer to this for some is video games. There are many genres of video games, but they all are made by three main companies. Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are the main suppliers of video games in America. The demand for newer and better video games increases everyday and expectations are high. The suppliers work hard to get these consumers to buy their products. This demand also includes titles which contain violence.

All video games have rating on them. This rating is given by ESRP, which stands for Entertainment Rating Software Board.

This board rates video games from E to M. The ratings include: E for everyone, E10+ for everyone over the age of ten, T for teenagers, and M for mature ages seventeen and up. The worse the game the higher the rating. To purchase a game rated M you must have a valid ID proving you are over the age of seventeen.

People argue that violence, blood, and gore in video games is the same as what we see on television. The counter to that proposal is the fact thatvideo games have a greater impact because th user is in controll or causeing the violence to occur. An example of this would be if a gamer were to be playing a first person shooter game then he would have to press the button to shout and kill others. In turn simulating the...