Effects Of Violent Television On Children

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Effects of Violent Television on Children Violence on television is a concern to society as children are now watching more of it than ever before. The amount of violent programming has also increased. The majority of studies on the subject have researchers believing that there is a causal relationship between violent television programs and violent behavior. Some studies have failed to prove the existence of such a relationship while other researchers deny that a relationship exists at all. The general public is not fully aware of the effects of violent programs even with the vast amount of available research. Studies on these effects have been done in both laboratory and natural or real-life settings. These experiments have been done in short term studies as well as longitudinal studies. There are several factors associated with effects of violent television including developmental stages, types of socialization, and cognitive priming. Other issues considered to play a part in the effect include the idea of a vulnerable viewer, result of desensitization and the creation of fear.

More public education is needed to inform society of the possible negative effects of violence on television and the methods available to prevent these effects.

Society is concerned with the negative effects of television as the amount of violent programming is increasing (Palermo, 1995). This concern is reinforced with an increase in the amount of television children are watching. On average, children view three hours of television a day (COPE, 2001). That works out to more than 40 days a year in front of the television. As violent content increases children are watching more violence during their viewing hours. This makes the effects of violence on television a great concern to parents and society.

Most researchers believe that there is a relationship between violent television and violent behavior...