Egyptian Poetry,Music and Dance

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Egypt has an ancient history that has been studied for decades. The Egyptians had an elaborate way of life and death. So much has been learned from the tombs of the Egyptian people, and so much still remains a mystery. Ancient Egyptian civilization rose up around 3500 B.C.E., and it was centered on the Nile River (Fiero). What can be told of the lives from that time has to be derived from the walls of tombs, ancient scrolls and the artifacts found from that era. Ancient Egyptian music and dance can be learned mostly by the ancient tombs (Fiero). The poetry from that era comes from the ancient scrolls. Trying to decode all of the scrolls, tombs, and hieroglyphs is the only way we will be able to understand their culture a little more.

Ancient Egyptian music is still a mystery to us to this day. We have musical artifacts from the time period but we do not actually know what it sounded like (Fiero).

Identifying a rhythm or tempo is impossible without more information from the time. Some of the instruments that have been found have been: flutes, drums, tambourines, and harps. The instruments have been found in tombs, so that suggests that the instruments played a big part in the burial ceremony. Much of the art from the time period depicts there being music played at funerals and for celebration. The Egyptians celebrated their leaders, season changes, and the gods that were worshipped. The pictures I found of ancient Egyptian instruments they had harps that looked very close to the harps we have today. With a bunch of strings of all lengths attached to a V or U shaped object holding the strings length wise. Other pictures depict a guitar shaped instrument, with a bowl shaped bottom with...