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El Salvador a Country Report 1.0 Introduction El Salvador or the Savior as the name can be translated is a very unexpectedly unique country. El Salvador is a country of many great geographical sites, a strange history, a blackened economic state, and an incredible agricultural base. The country has undergone many changes throughout its history. It was developed, owned, and operated by many different people and forms of government. This ?land of volcanoes? or ?the Savior? has been needed saving of its own for quite some time.

2.0 Geography The nickname for this environmentally hazardous country, ?land of volcanoes? serves El Salvador properly. El Salvador is the smallest of all Central American countries having a land area of only 21,041 sq. km (ecst.csuchico.edu). The country is also the only in Central America not to occupy more than one sea border, being only found on the Pacific Ocean. El Salvador is contained not only by the Pacific Ocean, but also by the two neighbor countries of Honduras and Guatemala.

El Salvador is known more for it?s two mountain ranges both running east to west. The northern most range known as Sierra Madre that draws the border between El Salvador and Honduras. The southern range is a formation of many continuous volcanoes both active and silent. These volcanoes supply El Salvador with its rich soil making it possible for the great exportation of coffee.

Climate change in El Salvador occurs more due to elevation variations than by seasonal change. During a calendar year Salvadorians can expect only a four-degree Celsius change due to seasons. The greater change in temperature occurs due to the different elevations. The two mountain ranges help very the climate and land usage of the country. El Salvador consists of a narrow coastal plain, two steep mountain ranges and...