Elements Of Leasing

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6. Fire. That the Tenant shall, in case of fire, give immediate notice to the Landlord, who shall thereupon cause the damage to be repaired as soon as reasonably and conveniently may be, but if the premise are so damaged that the Landlord decides to rebuild, the term shall cease, and the rent shall be paid up to the time of the fire.

7. Rules and Regulations. That the Tenant shall consult and conform to the regulations governing the house and to any reasonable alterations or regulation that may be deemed necessary for the protection of the building and the general comfort and welfare of its occupants.

8. Default. That in case of default in any of the Covenants, the Landlord may resume possession of the premise, and re-let them for the remainder of the term, at the best rent that he can obtain for account of the Tenant, who shall make good any deficiency.

9. Access to Apartment. That three months before the expiration of the rental term, future applicants for the apartment shall be admitted at reasonable hours of the day to view the premises until rented; and the Landlord or his agents shall also be permitted at any time during the term to visit and examine them at any reasonable hour of the day, and whenever necessary for any repairs to same or any part of the building, and the Landlord, his servants and agents shall be permitted to make them.

10. Interruption of Services. The Landlord is not responsible for any inconvenience or interruption of services due to improvements, repairs or for any reason beyond the Landlord's control. In the event of any interruption of services, it is the Tenants responsibility to inform the Landlord immediately. No offsets or deductions shall be made from rent at...