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Brian Joyce EMS 139 11-06-01 Future of EMS According to Mosby's Paramedic Textbook Second Edition " the extended scope of practice emerged from the cost-containment environment of managed care. As it pertains to EMS, extended scope of practice refers to expanding preventive health care services provided by EMT's and paramedics in the prehospital setting." Examples include medicines given by paramedic, and procedures done on patients by EMS provides. Pros and Cons will also be given on the issue of the extended scope of practice.

A story was told in class by an instructor, about two paramedic working on a department in one of the eastern states. They were dispatched on a pregnant female that was unresponsive. Upon the squad arrival they found a female approx. 1 week away from her due date, unresponsive for more than 5 minutes. The two Paramedics followed there protocol, then contacted medical control. The crew was still on the scene when medical control directed them to perform an emergency C-section to attempt to prolong the neonate's life.

At that time and still at this current time that is not in the paramedic's scope of practice. With medical controls direction over the telephone the crew preformed the C-section with success. They resuscitated the neonate and he lived for a week at the C-section and then died. The family sued the medics for going out of their scope of practice and won their case. The paramedic lost there jobs and cannot be EMS provides ever. In regards to this case and the issue of extending the scope of practice this may be a normal practice in the future.

Expanded scope of practice for EMS providers will continue to grow and allow Paramedic to perform these types of procedures. The increasing cost of health care will also play...