Employment Conflict Management Technique

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Employment Conflict Management Technique(s)

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Employment Conflict Management

FastServe Inc. (FSI) is a $25 million, 350-person company involved in the direct marketing of branded sports apparel, exclusively focusing on the sport-crazy Generation Y segment. The company has opened up two online channels for both boys and girls. One website channel is for marketing and the other is the distribution website, managed by ten percent of the workforce. To support customer demands while increasing sales, the company is using technology to their advantage by developing 3D "Drape-N-See" mannequins that allows buyers to see what the item looks like before they decide to purchase.

Similar to other companies in the United States, FSI is facing declines in sales because the new technology was cumbersome to download, causing FSI to move out of online distribution. To reposition itself as an industry leader, FSI must downsize while carefully planning for the elimination of specific job titles and roles.

This paper will present the importance of eliminating most of those jobs that are no longer necessary due to the automation of the distribution channel. Also addressed are the potential conflicts by employees that may develop and the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) FSI can use to professionally resolve the conflicts, and then make recommendations of metrics for the alternative plan, addressing how the plans will be implemented.

Potential Conflict Identifications

There are issues currently affecting FSI's profitability that may lead to conflict with current employees and possible legal disputes. The company has decided to make some changes, to include the elimination of positions within the organization due to pulling out of online distribution. FSI human resources department identified five employees for termination in which the legal department reviewed, finding possible...