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Employment Law has changed over the last two decades. Employees have been treated unfair and unjustly often being paid below or at minimum wage. Employees are often mistreated by their supervisors by being stuck in a certain position for years without even being promoted. Employment Law is defined as a vital part of our government's efforts to protect our rights as human beings. Employment law ensures that employees cannot be overworked, placed in an unhealthy or dangerous environment, or rendered unable to work without appropriate compensation. Employment law also guarantees that workers can't be unfairly discriminated against, and allows foreigners a period of time during which they can legally work in the country (Wisegeek, 2009). In today’s paper, I will discuss sexual harassment and the issues that were encountered describing the grievances filed and the legal actions taken to resolve the matter.

ABC Organization is a grass roots organization which serves the south side of Detroit, Michigan.

Rev. Smith is a prominent leader who sits on the council as an alderman of the 34th Ward and is an influential leader in America today. Rev. Smith has a staff of 75 people in his organization. Rev. Smith’s staff includes men and women of all ages and all walks of life. These staff members have various jobs such as helping individuals in the community find jobs, aid with assistance type programs, mentoring programs for students, scholarship programs, political campaign programs for example get-out the vote, educational awareness and political watch programs.

Sally June is an assistant to Rev. Smith and also works in the Membership Department as a coordinator of ABC Organization. Her main responsibility is to have the membership department enter data from the members of organization. Her second responsibility is to report the findings of not only the membership department,