An Encounter with the Law

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My first encounter with the law happened four years ago, when some people I used to know set me up as the were shoplifting. They asked me to drive them to a store in town. When we pulled to the town store, they all jumped out acting all goofy. I did not have any money, so I stayed in the car. I noticed that Sheriff Larson was on duty and had come down to talk with the clerks inside. When he came out, we chatted for a while until my friends came back. All of them jumped into the car and told me to go. We had gotten half way back to my house when I saw three police cars coming up behind us, with their lights flashing I said that the police must be going to a wreck on the interstate. When my friends started to laugh, I learned what they had done back at the store.

I knew now that they had set me up. THey had stuffed their pockets full of merchandise from the store. I began to panic. By now we had two other cops coming from the other direction. All my friends kept saying, "Do not pull over, let them follow us." I didn't knew what to do, so I kept on driving, as my friends werew yelling whhich way to go and how to lose the cops. We drove down one road which I knew would eventually dead end. When we got closer to the end I told them that we were out of road and I was going to pull over. By this time, these friends threatened me that if I did they would kill me. Nevertheless, I did not care what they were going to do to me; I was going to pull over. So I pulled over to the side of the road almost into a field. I knew that alll of us were going to jail that day no matter what else happened. Filally, the cops caught up to us. They began to yell say, " Put your hands up where I can see them. One by one, get out of the car." Once we all got out we were thrown to the ground and handcuffed. We were all haulded to jail. I guess I got lucky bacause all they charged me with was failure to stop for which I was penalize $300.00 abd probation. My friends were sentenced to a couple years in prison since it was their 3rd time for stealing. I learned my lesson for this experience when it comes to friends.