How The English Language Is Affecting Finland

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The English language is spoken throughout Finland. I suppose you could say it has dominated the world. We hear it constantly in movies, on the radio, television and in advertising. But what about Finland's own language and culture? Is it slowly vanishing due to the great influence of the English language? Part of the answer is yes, it is, but for Finland to survive and cope globally in this day and age, English is compulsory.

The English language and its culture play a great part in Finlands prosperity and future. Especially since Finland is part of the EU and other important international organizations, where English is used constantly. Also, English has become the main communication language used around the world in business life. With the British/North American cultures and international contacts, we are supplied with new ideas and habits, such as food, fashion and greeting habits.

There is always the risk of Finland losing it's own identity with the English language and its culture being constantly spread arounf Finland.

For example, the Finnish language is not as pure anymore as it has begun to deteriorate, mainly due to the small population of its speakers. Also, Finland is slowly losing it's culture; we have adapted to fast food, we copy American fashion and watch mainly only English-speaking movies and television programs.

Finland's culture and language is constantly changing and becoming more international. To cope, Finland must deal with the English language, and with it comes the British and American culture.