English translation to the 7th, 8th, and 10th song on the mandrin singer Jay Chow's 'Fantasy' CD.

Essay by pengin April 2003

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Track 7: Sorry

A copper coin in the public square, its sorrow is hidden

It sighs softly as it lies in the wishing pool

Too many "I love you" makes it breathless and causes it to

Lose its significance

The ring is crying, lying quietly in the drawer

All that remains of it is its memories, love and separation

Just like the unpredictable rain which is ready to attack anytime


I missed the desks and chairs of elementary school

Reminiscing the times when pencils were used to write diaries

Writing down that original beauty

Writing down the first time I met you (Jay Chou)


If meeting you is a tragedy

I'm probably fated to be the lone actor in my life

And lastly reminiscing the past alone

I try to remove all the past memories

If meeting you is a tragedy

I can make life equally as meaningless

Maybe I'd be able to finally hear you say

A sorry with a sigh and regrets

Track 8: Williams Castle

Creeper plants crept over the Count's grave

Weeds and filth littered the isolated castle

The fat witch who does not know how to ride a broom, chants curses in Latin La La Wu~

The black cat she keeps smiles like it is crying

La La La Wu Using the crystal ball to tell your fortune

She can foretell the angle of the sun rays in the church

And knows if you were a werewolf or a bat in your past life

The castle's owner - William the second has a chin full of beard

He's used to yawning after feasting on blood

The butler is a gentlemanly pig who speaks eloquent French

It reads verses from John before sucking blood to atone for its sins

The jubilant princess who has...