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American Studies

February 18th, 2014

Chapter 3 (The People: Settlement & Immigration): Vocabulary/Important Terminology

1. Indigenous people- Produced, growing, living, or occurring naturally in a particular region or environment. They identify themselves as being part of a distinct cultural group, descended from groups present in the area before modern states were created and current borders defined. They generally maintain cultural and social identities, and social, economic, cultural and political institutions, separate from the mainstream or dominant society or culture.

2."Old" Immigrants- refers to the immigration pattern from Europe to North America up to approximately the middle to late part between 1750-1850. These were for the most part from Western Europe, particularly France Spain, the British Isles, and to lesser degree from Scandinavia and the Germanic states. Most were farmers there were many who had other skilled trades. The French and Spanish were mostly Roman Catholics and the others were mostly Protestants.

3. "Stage" migration- moving for the first time to the city and after some years later, moving to a foreign country. The reason why people moved was to find a job.

4. Push and pull factors- The factor that pulled people to the US was obviously unbounded supply of land, and also the need for a job.

5. First wave- (please explain who came during this wave of immigration and what kind of welcome they received)- from 1607 to 1775 brought European immigrants (British, German and Dutch). The British were by far the largest group of arrivals. They were not exactly "immigrants" for they remained within the British Empire. Over 90% became farmers. Large numbers of young men and women came alone, and were placed under contract to work for a period of time, usually seven years. Employers in the colonies who needed help on the...